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Timely Messages from Honored Guests

"The Voice"Bob L. Phillips
"Evangelizing Abortion Survivors" publicFr. Frank Pavone
"A Prayer for Christ-followers"David S. Dockery
"The Kingdom and the School of Self-Denial"Ligon Duncan
"Whatever Happened to Repentance?" publicFrederica Mathewes-Green
"Why Aren’t You Here?"Laurence White
"Bridging the Gap" publicDavid Jackman
"The Lessons of Roe" publicFrederica Mathewes-Green
"First Things First in Politics"James M. Kushiner
"What’s Wrong with Living Together Unmarried?" publicChristopher Ash
"Tax Policy and Human Achievement"Herbert London
"The Two Wings of the American Eagle: Biblical Religion and Common Sense" publicMichael Novak
"Religion in the Public Square" publicHerbert London
"Western Europe at the Barricades" publicHerbert London
"Homosexuality's Destructive Effect on Church & Culture"Archbishop Peter Akinola
"The Church's Ministry to Homosexuals" publicLisa Guinness
"Why We Left the Episcopal Church" publicJohn Yates & Os Guinness
"The Situation in Northern Ireland"Edward Donnelly
"To Whom Will You Listen?"Edward Donnelly
"'But you . . .'—A Call to be Different" publicVaughan Roberts
"Inward Christian Soldiers" publicPhilip G. Ryken
"Caring for Creation: A Call to Christians"Peter Harris
"Such a Time as This" publicT. M. Moore
"Christianity as an Interventionist Religion" publicUdo W. Middelmann
"Does the Family Have a Future?" publicR. Albert Mohler, Jr.
"Ghost Writers, Idea Inflation, & Cultural Attention Deficit Disorder" publicOs Guinness
The Western Church I: "Our Augustinian Moment" publicOs Guinness
The Western Church II: "Third Mission to the West" publicOs Guinness
The Western Church III: "Evangelical & Unashamed" publicOs Guinness
The Western Church IV: "Carrying the Cross"Os Guinness
The Western Church V: "Greatest Challenge Ever"Os Guinness
"Violence in the Bible—How Should We Respond?" publicMark Durie
"Does the Qur’an Incite Violence?"Mark Durie
ISLAM I: "The Qur’an & Terrorism" publicPeter Cotterell
ISLAM II: "Muhammad, from Prophet to Warrior"Peter Cotterell
ISLAM III: “Muhammad’s Treatment of Christians” publicPeter Cotterell
ISLAM IV: "Issues of Debate among Muslims" publicPeter Riddell
ISLAM V: "Muslims' Attitudes towards Non-Muslims" publicPeter Riddell
ISLAM VI: "Christians & Islam: 10 Ways to Respond" publicPeter Riddell
ISLAM VII: "Religious Freedom Equal in Christian & Muslim Countries?" publicPeter Riddell
ISLAM VIII: "Britain and Islam—Troubled Times Ahead"Peter Riddell
"Shari‘a: Inequality and Excessiveness"Peter Riddell
"Briefing Points: The Theology and Practice of Contemporary Islamism"Patrick Sookhdeo
"Meeting the Challenge of Political, Militant, Strategic Islam: Part I—The Situation" publicBaroness Caroline Cox of Queensbury
"Meeting the Challenge of Political, Militant, Strategic Islam: Part II—The Response" publicBaroness Caroline Cox of Queensbury