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Israel and Legitimacy: Modern Achievement vs. Islamic Prejudice.

This is the third Kairos Journal piece published in booklet form as well as online. The first one concerned resurgent Islam throughout the world, the second, the Judeo-Christian roots of Western Civilization. This new booklet brings sharp focus to bear on the “conflict of civilizations” playing out in the Middle East. It seeks to refute claims of moral equivalency in the struggle between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and it demonstrates why hopes for the “peace process” are more wishful than substantive.

The first half of the booklet examines a variety of Muslim materials – from the Hadith to the Hamas Covenant – and finds them consistently and even shockingly harsh toward the Jews. It shows that the notorious “apes and swine” language appears first in Islam’s foundational text, the Qur’an, and that the current leadership in Gaza counts the entirety of the Holy Land a Muslim “endowment.”

The second half shows vast differences between the Jewish and Muslim cultures of the region, a contrast which reflects well on the Israelis and provides strong ground for supporting them against their enemies. It highlights, in turn, Israel's democracy, free press, stewardship of natural resources, globally beneficial technology, treatment of women, and ideals for the conduct of war. It also explores the issues surrounding rival claims to the land, drawing not on biblical texts of promise and prophecy (as interesting as those are), but on the sequence of events in the region since Roman times.

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