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Historically, pastors were powerful leaders in their communities—today they are
marginalized and ignored. The influence of the pulpit has been replaced by the
media, celebrities, and special interest groups to such an extent that the world considers the
Church irrelevant as an agent for cultural change.

Preaching was once considered the hallmark of the Church. It was pointed, prophetic,
and personal. Today, it is too often oriented toward success, self-improvement,
and self-fulfillment. Biblical principles are more often tailored to meeting personal needs
rather than transforming culture by being salt and light.
The result has been an ever-widening gap between private faith and public behavior.

Kairos Journal prays and works toward the day when the Church is once again the moral
conscience and prophetic voice to the nation. In that day, the biblical pastor will
reclaim his unique role as the God-appointed gatekeeper to the spiritual and moral
standards of the nation.

The aim is not rule by clerics but the reign of Christ and His Word in the hearts and
minds of the citizenry. This is the prayed-for, preached-for Awakening. It champions religious
liberty and uses that liberty to saturate the nation’s consciousness with godly perspectives
and Christian virtues. Kairos Journal is founded in a moment of crisis—for such a time as this—
to hasten an age of cultural revival in Christ—for such a time as that.