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Publisher's Note
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Dear Pastor,

Through the years, my wife and I have worked in what are commonly thought to be influential sectors of society, she in the media, and I in the corporate world. In our careers and travels, we have witnessed a dramatic decline in the influence of the Church in the West, and accordingly, in the spiritual and moral vitality of our culture. We have had the growing sense that the hope of a people, and of democracy, lies not in elected officials, entrepreneurs, military leaders, academicians, or broadcast personalities. It is based on the faithfulness of her Christian pastors.

One such pastor was André Trocmé, who served a small Protestant church in southern France during the Second World War. Largely because of his preaching and example, the village of Chambon became a haven for Jews escaping Nazi persecution. At great personal risk, he and his congregation hid these refugees until they could flee across the Swiss border. Tutored in the Word, they simply saw rescue as their Christian duty.

Many have heard of William Wilberforce’s efforts in Parliament to abolish the British slave trade. Few, however, know of his spiritual grounding, of his home church in Clapham, England, where he was fortified and inspired by the preaching of John Venn. We dream that a new generation of John Venns would emerge to inspire and instruct a new generation of William Wilberforces.

It is a critical time, a kairos moment. Many say that the West is a "cut flower civilization," scarcely sustained by the Christian perspectives that once brought her life. The bloom is fading at a shocking rate; we are desperate for spiritual renewal, grounded in Christ and His Word.

We are convinced that the great cause of this day is to embolden, equip, and encourage the pastor in his God-ordained work. For this purpose, we have established the Kairos Journal.

Emmanuel A. Kampouris

Kairos Journal